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There are so many physical ailments linked to depression that we wouldn't even think were remotely related. So many disorders also stem from depression that could be more easily recognized and understood if we understood depression better. Well, we are in luck because this website is dedicated to informative articles to address all of these issues. A better understanding of depression leads to a healthier state of mind.


Learn all about the in's and out's of what anxiety is. The different forms that it takes, what causes it, how to handle it and how to alleviate the symptoms of it can all be found in these articles. Become an expert and on the cutting edge of the latest findings linked to the topic of anxiety.


All things concerning children belong here: mood-disorders, trauma, abuse, effects of 5G on kids, effects of sugar and other addictions...etc. Children are precious souls that we need to be aware of and take care of. Read about different issues that need to be identified and what to do about them.


You might wonder what is the link between diabetes and mental wellness. Believe it or not eating is incredibly emotionally connected. When we feel anxious, depressed, or even angry we find ourselves reaching for that comfort food of whatever it may be. Sometimes our food of choice is not the best choice for our health. Certain foods might help us feel better for the moment but have negative long term effects - such as diabetes. The sooner that we can get a handle on our feelings the better.


We've all heard something about 5G and how amazing it is, but how much do we really know? How does it work and what can it do? How did it come about and will it change the way we think, and handle other people around us. Will it have any effects on our physical bodies or on our minds? There is much to learn.


Everyone seems to have it. The question always arises of what to do about it? How do you handle it? Learn not only about the causes if it but how to recognize it before it gets worse. Get tips on how to have a happier, healthier state of mind and body.


Sometimes known as all-timers this is a disease of the aged that many of us have had to face holding the hand of a loved one. The more that we can become familiar with it the better prepared we will be.


People don't want to talk about addiction until it grabs them or someone they love. Addiction crosses all cultures, all professions, all races. It doesn't have a bias and is no respecter of persons. It's easy for anyone to get and challenging to avoid once anyone is caught. The articles that you will read here are meant to give the words of encouragement and ideas of how to break the bonds of addiction.


Abuse is for other people to have to deal with but not you. Actually it's a lot more prevalent then you might think. Get familiar with the cycle and signs of abuse from the victims point of view and the perspective of the abuser.