So no matter which classification of depression someone may have there are common talking points to cover.  Help a person you know or even help yourself recover and battle those negative thoughts within using the following tips.

When we battle depression there is a mental mind warfare we play on ourselves.  We tend to forget who we were and who we associated with. The instruments we played, or the talents that we had are left in a garden of memories forgotten.

In the battle with depression we need to get to know ourselves again.

With a friend who once knew us or with a family member list what you were good at. What talents you once shared and performed for or with others. List the languages you once spoke or the places you’ve traveled. List the articles you wrote or view the sketches that you once drew. List your educational accomplishments or the experiences working with others and the 100’s or even 1000’s of people you’ve touched in your life.

Organize your values, in a collage with pictures and examples of your talent or just make a list. Then hang it where you see it everyday.

This battle with the many forms of depression is going to try to devalue you. By putting up this collage it becomes a shield and it reminds you of your value. This gives your mind something to  reminisce when the days become longer than the ticks on the clock in the room.

Your goal on this part is to focus on your value with every thought that brings you down and reflect on your collage. Something called the stinking thinking is experienced in most people with some form of depression. Having a collage helps you get through parts of the stinking thinking and it is a good place to start.

There is one thing about remembering a talent you once had as you battle through a form of depression.  By continually reminding yourself of your worth it will constantly change your thoughts from self-doubt to self-gratitude.  There is another area that really opens up your memory and helps battle the forms of depression.  This happens when you can humble yourself enough to teach a talent that you once had to another person.

It is a humbling experience to teach because we are battling our mood swings while interacting with that other person or group. This is why it is called a mood disorder. Teaching or giving up your time to teach and give of yourself to another person or people is a higher way of thinking.  It helps you practice self-discipline and keeps yourself in check by not giving in to the mood swings as much.

There are countless authors and musicians that have shared their talents long after they were diagnosed with a mood disorder.

JRR Tolkein the wonderful author of a book series called Lord of the Rings changed the minds and hearts of those that read his books. He once said “I wrote my stories to battle the things that were going on inside my head”.  I know for my life, his books would have left out a big piece of imagination if he would have never pushed himself to write his stories and I am grateful he did.

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Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill both battled depression but they didn't give up on their public service. Can you imagine what the history of the world would be like if we did not have these two Giants of history in our history books along with many others who suffered from the same things?

Beethoven himself and about 70 percent of musicians today have battled with some form of depression.  Can you imagine what our world would be like without music?

If you played a musical instrument imagine yourself playing it again.  There is that trancelike state that you achieve when you really get into your groove of playing your instrument or practicing whatever talent that you enjoy.  The research shows that music has a specific neural pathway that helps soothe your soul.

As we involve ourselves with the talent we once enjoyed and then begin to develop it has amazing consequences.  There is growth and development that happens to better ourselves.

Now just because you remember to laugh the really hard part is doing it. People don't laugh with depression because they are well, depressed. But if you can squeeze a giggle out once and a while you’ll find out that the next time isn’t so tough.

Keep in mind there is a difference between heartfelt laughter and a sinister, forced or demonic laugh. Those little demons don't count.

It is also helpful to watch uplifting comedies when watching movies. Some of these are contagious and it is the hope that you might slip and laugh at least once. Practice and watch more movies that help you laugh. Remember it is more enjoyable in most circles to watch movies with a friend and don't forget to share the popcorn.

Playing a board game is a passive way to socialize. With a friend or group of friends it helps everyone follow the same rules and establish basic boundaries.  It encourages positive reinforcement and skills in good sportsmanship.

Sometimes depression spurs binge eating.  If it’s true binge eating (not eating just because you are starving), then it’s totally based upon negative emotions that you are feeling at that time.  Usually there is a grumpy attitude that accompanies this trait.  When you can surround yourself with good company at a restaurant or a gathering at home, the atmosphere will change for the better.  Let that atmosphere penetrate that gloomy cloud that’s hanging over you and dissipate the grumpies inside of you.  As you do so, eating will turn from a negative obsession of shoveling with a spoon into a lighthearted dance of delight, joking and laughing all of the way through your meal. Besides focusing on eating a well balanced diet with your group of friends, remember to take a daily supplement that fills in the gaps of nutrients that you might've missed

I know, it sounds silly but bare with me. When you learn how to make playdough you can create and play with the dough. Your hands have muscle memory and playing with the playdough will spark memories.  This is a form of creative play therapy that’s good for the hands and the mind.  Fiddling with it while with a friend will most likely spark some very enlightening conversations.  Not to mention give you something passive to do with your hands that will ease your stress.

Creativity is a high thinking and thought processing order. Most of the time you are born with an innate feeling to create but sometimes life throws those curveballs at you.  After missing a few, you start to develop major depressive episodes.  If those episodes continue unchecked for too long they will grow into behaviors that become even harder to reverse.

Being allowed and giving yourself time to be creative is an amazing process for anyone's mind. People that have mood disorders that continue to plague them develop one or more of the 8 areas of depressive disorders. They have found that by developing creative releases for only a few moments  it will elevate their mood.  Allow your mind to be free to create. Then these moments become minutes and the minutes to hours. Try this and you will know what I mean.

Music in our brains is a high order of things. Of course I know that grumpy people don't sing and especially singing alone is out of the question. But if you can find yourself a nice little church choir where they always need more voices to bring everyone together. Your voice could be that voice that does just that. In return their voices could also bring you “back together” and help stabilize your mood for the better.  Simply try and see how things turn out.

Music and singing help relieve the behaviors of depression over time. It's just one of those compartments in the brain that help you figure things out.  As long as you are singing with your heart and soul this is where the magic happens . Also it just helps you feel better.

Heads up, when you have a mood disorder like depression you will find that you have no energy.  It is sucked out of your system and it doesn’t feel like you can do anything about it.  Any kind of physical activity is the furthest thing from your mind. But if you find a friend or family relative that wants to go on a walk with you, play a game of pickle ball or ping pong or even jump on the trampoline this kind of physical activity is the place to start. What you are trying to do is build up to a daily routine and in time your body will crave the work out. Working out releases the endorphins in your body and makes you feel good.  With having any kind of mood disorder this system will be out of balance.  The friendly walk would be good for everyone involved.  There is a good chance that those that you are walking with will soon develop some sort of mood disorder such as depression in the near future.  This kind of activity will create friendly building blocks that lead to an important support system.

Take note of what you’ve learned in this article and start acting today on some of those ideas that have stood out to you.  You will make a bigger difference in this world for good than you realize.  Depression is the adversary’s way of telling you that you are no good and that you should just quit and give up right now.  But you know, deep down that you are much better than that mind chatter that can enter your thoughts.  You have gifts beyond comprehension that are waiting to be explored and discovered.  I dare you to take that first step in discovering your true worth and potential to yourself and others in this life!

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